i wish i could

i wish i could tell you what you mean to me

that my world is dark all around me when you arent there

that the sunshine comes out for everyone

everyone but me

that when im with you im the happiest girl you will ever meet

you dont know

i dont want you to know

you love someone else maybe someone better

i shouldent love you

because its simply not meant to be

in the same way that us humans are not meant to fly

i just cant help how i feel

i dream of the day where i wont love you

but its a dream that will go unfufilled

you love another girl

i bet

shes prettier nicer better smarter than me

but she dosent love you the way that i love you

that with out you happiness dosent seem to be

that the flowers seem dull

and rainbows seem shallow

there arent colours only grey and black

no she dosent love you like i love


but i must face the truth that i will never be with you





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