what is reality?

reality is your life

reality is whether the person you love

loves you or not

reality is whether you are happy or not

its a thing that most dread

but everyday we face

in our lives we may try to escape


but there’s no way out

its going to be there


you the things

that you truly dont want to hear

i myself dont like reality

that is why i try my best

to not look at it straight in the


because i wont like what i see

maybe the reason that we dont like it might be because

we are scared

scared of what?

finding out that some people who you thoguht

were your friends never were

realizing for the first time that maybe

you dont like

how your life is turning out to be.

Maybe just  ignore what you dont want to see

what you see in the mirror

or worst that the person that you love

dosent love you back

i sometimes sit and wonder

could you ever live with out it

live in a world

that you are undiniably happy

a place where for a fact

you know that your dreams will

come true

a  perfect and exdordianary world

your own little world

a bubble in which you live in

well that isnt possible

because sooner or later

you will realize that your

stuck in a dream in which

you will have to wake up from and

see with your own 2 eyes the truth

of it all

but i guess

its all a part of

life that we cant escape


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