its coming to you

run fast into the green forest

the one eye monster its coming for you

it wants to eat you

run for your life

running is the key

go to the river

that goes

to the sea

into the vast blue water that

looks infinite

into the sea

run to it

its coming

Molly run

its haunting

run for yourself

its behind you

go to the sea before the clock

strikes 3

run down the path

where the flowers are

and where the butterflys fly

its coming

it the 1 eyes monster will bring death

its behind you

run fast you are almost the

run run run

looks like he´s got you

this is the day I say goodbye to

you molly

molly never ran fast enough she lost

now I had to say goodbye

better watch out he´s

coming to get you

I dont want to say goodbye to you too

so you better run fast


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