on my mind

from the sun comes up

from it goes


in the park in the meadow

simply all around

it’s just you on my mind

with your emerald green eyes

and silly smile

of yours

im in love

nothing more to say

nothing more to add

it says it all

there are no words

to describe

how I feel

but I simply can’t imagine the day where you aren’t there

the sun wont shine

I wont seem to be

my heart will be torn , ripped, shattered broken

I wish I could tell you how I felt

and I know in my heart that one day destiny

will bring us together

and that day the sun will shine bright

that day my heart will be pounding fast

that day it will only be you

just you

i promise to make you happy

and never you hurt

I can’t help the way i feel

I can´t fight

I can’t help it

I just can’t but when it comes to love

how can you?



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