another preview of another short story

im hiding under my bed sweat is pouring out of my fourhead there is no way to get out im beingheld hostege in my room he dosent dosent know where i am my heart keeps beating faster in everystep he takes i cant get a hold of a phone or any way to tell anyone im trapped there is no possible way of me to defend my self there are 6 guards outside my house my parents where killed when they got home from that cocktail party they hadi was playing video games when they died i left it all and went and hided under my bed the entire town is being killed there are only few of us who survived these people who came and killed us all over night  I have no idea who they are or from where they are from alli know is i must get out of here fast before they kill me there are hundreds of them i dont know how to do thisi must run far from here but where ? to the forest the arizona desert across the country my mind feels blurry as if i have just been hit in the head I try to think but when I try to the only thing i think about is all of the people who died my friends my parents my teachers the pizza guy if i cant figure soon im going to be next