Silence kills

no words

just silence

everything seems shallow

its all too bright

in silence

I walk

by the meadow

I see people laughing

I see people smiling but dont they see

its all just a fantasy

its not real

its just a dream

a dream

with colorful flowers

and giant green pine trees

I must speak but I can´t break a silence

it´s the curse I cant break

I look and see that the silence is in us all

in the children in the dieing ones and in the living ones

in this world there´s a curse no one can break

because of the fear thar

someone might hear

someone might tell

someone could hurt

someone could kill

you better be quiet

because silence saves



El miedo destruye mi corazon

lo va torturando

lo va matando

el miedo que nunca superare

el miedo que le tengo

a esa tal sombra negra

que igual a un fantasma

me sigue

por la noche

no me puedo escapar

solo vivire temor

el mostro poco a poco

me ira matando

esta que me consuma completamente

y me deje en la oscuridad