I dream away to dreamland

where faries and unicorns abound

dreamland is where I belong

and as I sit in this hour, in this minute, in this second, in this moment

I see how the butterfly’s fly

and how the flowers bloom

in my cottage far above the city and deep into the mountains

I see it all yet I do not feel it all

with crayons,markers and books I dream away

to a far away dream that I can smell that I can touch yet

it isn’t real, so I ask how could this be?

In the mornings I eat but I do not taste

don’t you see? i’m dreaming

in my cottage high above the ground  I lose myself

from what is reality

and indulge myself in far away fantasys that are nothing more than silly ilusiones

for I am human, I live on this planet, I eat, I see it all,

but yet I live in dreamland.



It’s a passion, an art, painters paint pictures, musicianes make harmonys and songs, but we? we tell stories, we portrey abstract thoughts into a paragraph, we make people laugh we make them cry our inspiration comes from the universe. Being a writer is a way of life that uses our excess of imagination and turns it into a complex art , with the poems we write what lies beneath out frigid surface  we write for the mute we write to save ourselfes and for a moment to forget this ploblematic world that we use as an inspiration . We might be weird but we could be normal but we are for sure diferent word choices is the key. Imagination is the fuel but passion is the heart of it all.


A sword to the heart

are those  cruel, trechures words as

the tears stream down your face while

heartless humans try to

break, push you, tear you apart but don’t they see that

they won’t suceed

because that pain you feel deep in you

will transform you into a star shinning  that brights up those dark night

and during all  those lonely nights

you slept  with a broken heart

and tear filled eyes

will be forgotten as you sail on to the future

and your pain filled past will be left a reduced to a forgoten shadow

the stars will protect you as you walk to the dawn with your vurneble yet  unbreakable self

so keep your smile because when you do the sun will shine in your life

and so as you walk to the dawn of a gleeful day

the wound the sword made in your heart will be healed because

that sword will never kill you


Mi mente esta en la oscuridad del abismo

solo gritos que nunca fueron gritados encuentro adentro de mi corazon

y mientras que camino en esta noche fria

mis cachetes estan secos de lagrimos que nunca fueron deramadas

mi alma esta negra y vacia no siento dolor ni felicidad lo unico que siento es un hueco sin fondo

estoy atrapda en un abismo no tengo miedo ni ansiedad no deseo salir no deseo nada 

solo supongo que la primavera vendra

con sus flores y amor 

pero sin ningun tipo de esperanza.