A sword to the heart

are those  cruel, trechures words as

the tears stream down your face while

heartless humans try to

break, push you, tear you apart but don’t they see that

they won’t suceed

because that pain you feel deep in you

will transform you into a star shinning  that brights up those dark night

and during all  those lonely nights

you slept  with a broken heart

and tear filled eyes

will be forgotten as you sail on to the future

and your pain filled past will be left a reduced to a forgoten shadow

the stars will protect you as you walk to the dawn with your vurneble yet  unbreakable self

so keep your smile because when you do the sun will shine in your life

and so as you walk to the dawn of a gleeful day

the wound the sword made in your heart will be healed because

that sword will never kill you


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