I dream away to dreamland

where faries and unicorns abound

dreamland is where I belong

and as I sit in this hour, in this minute, in this second, in this moment

I see how the butterfly’s fly

and how the flowers bloom

in my cottage far above the city and deep into the mountains

I see it all yet I do not feel it all

with crayons,markers and books I dream away

to a far away dream that I can smell that I can touch yet

it isn’t real, so I ask how could this be?

In the mornings I eat but I do not taste

don’t you see? i’m dreaming

in my cottage high above the ground  I lose myself

from what is reality

and indulge myself in far away fantasys that are nothing more than silly ilusiones

for I am human, I live on this planet, I eat, I see it all,

but yet I live in dreamland.


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