Chapter 1

The swarms of people rushing past me, the street lights blinding me. Something was wrong, something had to be off. My brain pounded agaist my skull my my heart was racing. I was scared trying to run away from something, but I didn’t know from what. Maybe it was all in my head, maybe i’m going crazy and losing the sense of thing. I need to go home I kept telling myself, I need to go home. Tommorow all this confusion will go away I’ll make myself a capuchinno maybe read a chapter of 50 shades of Grey take a tynelenol and put myself to bed. That seemed the most logical thing I could do. I needed to go home but my insticts told me that wasn’t safe that I just need to keep going to keep blending in. I gave my head a full turn and obseved my souroundings. The movie thether the was a line of people waiting to buy the movies, then there was that new french resturant with a large banner reading something which i can’t see clearly since the letter are all blury I then forget about my sourrounding and feel the world spinning around me and it dosen’t stop it just keeps on going. Then out of nowhere it happens, she comes. Everything stops spinning. Follow me she says just follow me. So I do she seems lost and confused her blond her flys agaist the wind and her cheeks are moist from all the crying I follow her agaist all common sense because from some reason I know she understands me. So I follow her she runs and she drags me by the hand I close my eyes and just run along with her. We finally stop and reach a old rusty red pick up truck. She helped me up and then everything blacked out.

To be continued… 2/14/2012


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