Up In The Moutains

There was once a man, who lived way up high in the mountains. High up where he belived nothing bad could happen to him. He had made a home for himself in a small wooden cabin. With only a small bed made out of large oak tree branches he tied up with rope, a chimney. He had many many blankets and his only companion was his dog Chester a old jack rusell. 

Chistopher, was yet a young man of 20. Lived in a small town right by the outsides of Ohio. He posessed the most beutiful chocolate brown eyes one could ever lived to see, and his perfectly wavy short black hair complementedhis chizzled face. Every girl in town wanted to own his heart. One day while walking he crazed a chocolate sundae



Silly, silly me.

Beliving in ilusines.

beliving that in things that aren’t real

Beliving in people, that don’t belive in you

beliving that you would suceed, but failing miserably

silly me beliving in friends that were not

beliving Iwas  included when I was actually excluded

beliving in fantasies

silly me